Drone Remote Operation


VOTIX FLY is a very powerful platform for hardware-agnostic drone remote operation. You can safely and securely fly your drones over the Internet with VOTIX FLY from anywhere with full command and control (C2) and ultra-low latency HD video streaming. VOTIX FLY is designed to support any drone manufacturer and to operate multiple automated or manual missions with full drone and payload control. VOTIX FLY allows real-time integration with your drone ecosystem such as DIB, UTM and collision avoidance systems, and uses artificial intelligence to enhance drone capabilities with visual intelligence and precision landing. With VOTIX it is easy to fly BVLOS!
VOTIX FLY connects to your drones through the VOTIX CONTROL (VXC) mobile app or through VOTIX GATEWAY (VXG), allowing any drone to be operated via WiFi or cellular connectivity. VOTIX GATEWAY (VXG) is a small, lightweight device with a built-in connectivity stack, including 4G LTE and WiFi, that enables automatic real-time data transmission from your drone to the cloud. VOTIX GATEWAY (VXG) can be installed on board your drone or inside your Drone-in-a-Box station, turning any drone into a connected autonomous system.

Main features


• Remote Operation
• Onsite Operation
• Payload Control
• Control Segregation: drone, sensors
• Custom Conflict Zones
• Multiple Safe Landing Points
• Airdrop Mission
• Go To Location
• Live Map
• 3D Mission Queuing for Offline Missions
• Autonomous Flight
• Image and Video Capturing
• Image Processing and Mapping
• Real-Time Automatic Data Transfer

Artificial Intelligence​

• Bar Code Reading
• Object Counting
• Precision Landing
• Human and Object Detection 
• Volume Calculation

Real-Time Integration​

• Drone-in-a-Box (DIB) System
• UTM System
• Collision Avoidance System
• Mapping Software: PIX4D, Potree


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