Drone Orchestration, Operation and Automation Platform.

Release the full potential of your drones with VOTIX!

How It Works

VOTIX is a powerful and complete cloud-based SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution designed to support all drone manufacturers automating drone-based workflows including mission request, flight planning, tele-operations, autonomous flights, reporting, analytics and third-party integration, powered by real-time AI (artificial intelligence).

VOTIX is designed for fully autonomous BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) operations and for DiaB (Drone-in-a-Box) solutions, unlocking the full potential of your drones and your team.




VOTIX is a comprehensive and easy to use cloud-based SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution for full orchestration, operation and automation of drones.

The solution reduces process time, optimizes resources and minimizes risk for a wide range of applications such as inspection, monitoring, mapping, surveying, spraying, seeding, filming, photography, transport, delivery, security, search and rescue.

VOTIX is designed for many industries such as construction, infrastructure, utility, energy, oil & gas, telecommunications, agriculture, mining, defense, public safety, government, media, entertainment, healthcare, transportation, logistics and warehousing.


VOTIX is an American robotics company pioneer in enterprise software platform for orchestration, operation and automation of drones and robots.

VOTIX is the first drone orchestration platform in the world.

“Without orchestration there is no automation”

Ed Boucas, CEO of VOTIX

Solving the Problem

Drones are performing much better processes than before replacing expensive and slow services that used to be provided by airplanes, helicopters, cars and motorcycles, and also directly by humans in very dangerous locations and environments. But even though the drone enhanced many processes, these services face challenges such as the requirement of a pilot in the ground operating a single drone, a lot of manual activities and lack of integration with other systems. It becomes even more complex by the great number of drone types, manufacturers, sensors and supporting hardware, for a great variety of applications in many industries.

VOTIX solved these challenges by multiplying and scaling the pilot’s productivity, automating the manual operations and processes, performing more advanced and new activities, enabling the drones to go beyond. VOTIX allows you to automate the whole workflow of your drone operation, from request to reporting, from governance and compliance to autonomous flights, from planning to precision landing, from DiaB (Drone-in-a-Box) integration to BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) operations. VOTIX integrates all the drone ecosystem and enables you to perform more missions in less time optimizing your drone investment.


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