VOTIX is proud to announce that its software platform has been fully certified by HARRIS AERIAL to deliver heavy lift drone solutions combined with best-in-class software platform.
HARRIS AERIAL is a drone manufacturer specializing in custom drones, aerial photography drones, heavy lift drones, hybrid drones, agricultural drones, UAS, UAV, and multirotor drones. HARRIS AERIAL drones are proudly made in the USA using cutting-edge manufacturing techniques coupled with the highest quality materials available.

VOTIX is an American robotics company leader in software for drone orchestration, remote operation and automation. VOTIX is a complete platform composed of a suite of 3 cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) products: MANAGE, STREAM and FLY. The VOTIX platform is a powerful, easy-to-use solution that automates drone operations so you can MANAGE your missions, resources and data, STREAM your flight videos in real-time and FLY your drones remotely integrated with your drone ecosystem.

A good example of what VOTIX can do for you is that VOTIX can be installed on-board HARRIS AERIAL drones and allows, via cellular connectivity, to safely and securely fly drones over the internet with ultra-low latency from anywhere with full command and control and high-definition video streaming.

To schedule a demo call Santiago Echeverri at +1 514-980-5541 or email [email protected].
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