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Click Here – Download de .PDF Support: VOTIX Support: Standard Policy, Minimum Requirements, Communications, Components and Flow.

VOTIX standard technical support is 8×5 (8 business hours, five business days a week). Some customers may opt for a different support policy under our Enterprise agreement. In this case, please refer to the terms and conditions of that agreement for further details on technical support.

VOTIX standard support is offered via the online support ticket form available at https://www.votix.com/support

VOTIX manages support primary via email and, in some cases, via chat.

VOTIX observes the national holidays in the U.S.

When and to the extent applicable pursuant to the type of License only, VOTIX shall provide Support upon the following terms and conditions, it being specified that VOTIX makes no warranties whatsoever that the Support will resolve any request or that any resolution provided by VOTIX will meet Your requirements and/or expectations. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing:

VOTIX will investigate promptly any questions or problems related to the Licensed Offerings You may have. However, the Support provided to You is contingent on Your full cooperation with VOTIX’s investigation into the subject matter of Your request, including without limitation prompt and complete responses to any questions asked by VOTIX’s support team.

For the sake of clarity, VOTIX does not provide a guaranteed response time but undertakes to make good faith efforts to answer e-mails within 24 (twenty-four) hours during workweek, excluding holidays. Further, the Support to be provided by VOTIX hereunder is limited to the most current version of the Licensed Offerings.

Certain operations recommended by VOTIX in response to Your Support request may compromise the integrity of Your Content. You are solely responsible for providing adequate and complete back-up of Your Content at all times and VOTIX shall assume no liability in case of loss for any reason whatsoever.

VOTIX’s undertaking to provide Support is contingent upon Your proper Use of the Licensed Offerings and full compliance with the EULA. Moreover, VOTIX shall be under no obligation to provide Support should such Support be required due to (i) Your (or Your Authorized Users or Organization members) failure to operate the Licensed Offerings within the systems requirements and/or specifications as per slide 4, (ii) any modification or attempted modification of the Licensed Offerings by You (or Your Authorized Users or Organization members) or any third party or (iii) Your (or Your Authorized Users’ or Organization members’) failure or refusal to implement operations recommended by VOTIX.

The Licensed Offerings are supported on Devices that meet the minimum and recommended hardware and software specifications and requirements mentioned on the following technical documentation website: https://www.votix.com/support.

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