“Without orchestration there is no automation”


Ed Boucas

Drone Orchestration


VOTIX is disrupting the drone industry by creating the concept of drone orchestration.

Our vision is to be the go-to software-as-a-service platform for automated drone operations by connecting all the moving parts through drone orchestration. VOTIX makes it easy to operate and feasible to automate. We believe in the power of creating synergies within the ecosystem that reduces process time and generates great intelligence.
VOTIX developed the first platform capable of truly delivering drone orchestration, remote operation and automation while being drone agnostic. To better adapt to market timing and market needs, VOTIX has divided the platform into 3 independent, but fully integrated, products: MANAGE, STREAM, FLY. Separately these 3 products can meet all your needs while respecting your priorities by implementing them at different times. When combined, VOTIX provides the most powerful platform to support your drone operations.

Product Suite

VOTIX is a complete platform composed of a suite of 3 cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) products – MANAGE, STREAM, FLY – enhanced by VOTIX gateway (VXG) and VOTIX mobile apps (VXS, VXC). The VOTIX platform is a powerful, easy-to-use solution that automates drone operations so you can MANAGE your missions, resources and data, STREAM your flight videos in real-time and FLY your drones remotely integrated with your drone ecosystem.

Main features by product:


(Cloud, VXS)


• Mission Creation
• Zone Creation
• Polygonal 3D Geo Fencing
• Customizable Automated Grids
• Zone KML/KMZ Importing
• Mission KML/KMZ Importing
• Mission Approval Workflow
• Real-time FAA LAANC Approval
• Mission Map Paths
• Map Annotations
• Operations Calendar
• Weather Information
• Corporate Systems Integration
• Airspace Intelligence


• User and Organization Management
• Pilot Management
• Fleet Management
• Sensor Management
• DIB Management
• Zone Management
• Mission Management
• Media Management


• Flight Log Importing
• Mission Data Captured Importing
• Automatic Data Captured Importing
• Analytics Dashboards
• Media Metadata Analysis
• Pre-Flight Reports
• Pos-Flight Reports


(Cloud, VXS)


• HD Ultra-Low Latency
• Encrypted Communication
• Video Quality Configuration
• Video Recording Locally
• Authenticated Streaming


• HD Ultra-Low Latency
• Encrypted Communication
• Video Quality Configuration
• Video Recording Locally
• Cloud Video Recording
• Store and Organize Video Recordings in the Cloud
• Authenticated Streaming
• Open and PIN Based Streaming
• Simultaneously Stream Multiple Drones to Different Groups
• Video Broadcasting: RTMP servers, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo


• Multi-Video Console for Drones and Other Sources: IP cameras, CCTV, phones, body cameras, dash cameras
• Multi-Video Floating Windows for Drones and Other Sources


(Cloud, VXG, VXC)


• Remote Operation
• Onsite Operation
• Payload Control
• Control Segregation: drone, sensors
• Custom Conflict Zones
• Multiple Safe Landing Points
• Airdrop Mission
• Go To Location
• Live Map
• 3D Mission Queuing for Offline Missions
• Autonomous Flight
• Image and Video Capturing
• Image Processing and Mapping
• Real-Time Automatic Data Transfer

Artificial Intelligence​

• Bar Code Reading
• Object Counting
• Precision Landing
• Human and Object Detection 
• Volume Calculation

Real-Time Integration​

• Drone-in-a-Box (DIB) System
• UTM System
• Collision Avoidance System
• Mapping Software: PIX4D, Potree


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