Drone Automation


VOTIX is a complete drone automation platform composed of 3 products: MANAGE, STREAM and FLYVOTIX is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) solution designed to support all drone manufacturers. The VOTIX product suite has the right products for your needs, from managing your missions (MANAGE), live streaming your flights (STREAM), to remotely operating your drones (FLY).
VOTIX unlocks the full potential of pilots and operators, enabling them to fly BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) multiple drones from anywhere fully integrated with DIB (drone-in-a-box) stations (FLY), showcase their flights through live video streaming to multiple people (STREAM) and increase productivity by simplifying mission planning and data management (MANAGE).

VOTIX products are stand-alone but fully integrated.
Choose the right VOTIX product(s) for you:



Create your missions, prepare for your flights and get real-time LAANC approvals.


Manage your fleet, track your flights and control your captured media.


Centralize logs, measure performance and view all analytics in dashboards and reports.

Starting at $19 /month
Price per user in annual payment.



HD ultra-low latency live streaming from any where to any browser.


Open or authenticated live video streaming to multiple users.


View all your drone streaming and live video streaming from other sources in one place.

Starting at $29 /month
Price per user in annual payment.



BVLOS made easy, remotely operate your drones from anywhere.

Artificial Intelligence​

Enhance drone capabilities with visual intelligence and precision landing.

Real-Time Integration​

Integrate your drone ecosystem such as DIB, UTM and collision avoidance systems.

Starting at $99 /month
Price per drone in annual payment.
Includes MANAGE and STREAM.

Go beyond with the full suite of VOTIX products!